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Mar 18, 2016

“If you’ve seen one calendar of events, you’ve seen them all.”

That’s not quite true, but like anything else, it can be all too easy for web developers and designers to fall into a routine that results in run-of-the-mill websites. To guard against complacency, we make it a point to regularly set aside some time for the entire team to float around online and find out what’s new, what’s cool and where we could be pushing the envelope a little more. The following list of examples is the latest fruit of that labor.

This go-round we were mostly looking for new ways to display upcoming events on venue sites, but as you’ll see, there’s more than a few novel ideas here that could be applied to any website. May they inspire you as they’ve inspired us!

  1. http://www.berlinbraves.com/
    We’re loving the way the home page content is organized here. True, panorama images can be a challenge, but in the absence of a perfect fit, we dig how they’ve combined images to fill the space.

  2. http://www.rubensanchez.design/
    Very cool departure from your typical site navigation and content organization.

  3. http://m11.biz.ua/#page1
    We like this spin on the parallax concept. Sorta feels like the best of both worlds.

  4. https://www.casinotheater.ch/theater/spielplan#performance-1458406800
    Here’s a way to display a calendar of events we really haven’t seen before. With a few tweaks, this could work pretty well for one of our venue clients.

  5. http://www.lmu.edu/
    Love the use of the hamburger menu as the main site nav. Also dig the search icon and functionality. Easy to find and there when you need it. Not taking up space when you don’t.

  6. http://www.cropp.com/pl/en/
    Nice, subtle hover effects here. We’re definitely of the opinion that it’s these little flourishes that really make a site stand out. They’re doing it well.

  7. http://tympanus.net/Development/HoverEffectIdeas/index2.html
    Just a few more examples of what we could be doing on hover.

  8. http://www.signesduquotidien.org/
    Not the most practical or intuitive example on the list, but 10 points for originality.

  9. http://www.giampierobodino.com/en/
    See above. But engaging as all get out.

  10. http://archeologie1418.culture.fr/en
    To quote the great, Samuel L., “hold on to your butts!” The snow effect: how cool would it be to tie that in to a real-time weather app? Mic drop.

  11. http://www.summerwindsresorts.com/destinations/scottsdale-camelback-resort.php
    On the heels of the last one, this one seems underwhelming but don’t kid yourself, it’s the little things that make a big difference! See the “view more resorts” link in the right corner, just under the nav. Perfect way to keep the info people on site really need/want at hand. Think: venue map.

  12. http://www.spaceneedle.com/home
    A beautiful turn on typical parallax design that fits the subject like a glove.

  13. http://hlkagency.com/
    Another rad use of the hamburger menu

  14. http://www.blitzagency.com/wb-lego-dimensions-gaming-case-study
    Finding an interesting way to make visitors want to listen to you toot your own horn? It’s a tall order. They’re doing it really well.

  15. http://operaen.no/en/
    Transitions, transitions, tran sitions. Great way to display links to additional information and tickets for each event.

  16. http://www.rudolfinum.cz/en/
    Beautiful and effective incorporation of video as the background image.

  17. http://continentalclub.com/austin/
    It requires some trickery on the mobile side but the pop-up “previews” of the detail pages for the individual events is a great usability feature on the desktop version.

Got any functionality favorites of your own? Share them in the comments!

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