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Ditch the Cold Calls and Let Your Venue Website Do the Talking

Samara Wilson
Oct 08, 2015
Effective Venue Websites

Finally, you have a legitimate reason to scrap the dreaded cold call: Your clients hate it every bit as much as you do!

A recent IACC survey of event planners in Australia and the Asia Pacific region revealed that cold calling comes in dead last among preferences for receiving information from event suppliers, including venues (and it’s no surprise, as this tracks with a growing distaste for telemarketing and sales, globally).

So, if the phone is out, what’s in? Trade shows and promotional events are big draws, but here’s another fun fact that gives you a clue about where you should probably focus your efforts: Nearly half of event planners report using the internet as the primary way of finding an event venue.

Given that it is highly likely that the first point of contact with a new client is going to be online, the question becomes: Is your venue website up to the task?

Does Your Venue Website Measure Up?

There are so many things to consider when you’re whipping your venue website into shape. Naturally, many people start with the most obvious: design. To be sure, compelling and thoughtful design is vital to the success of any site and there are plenty of industry best practices to consider, but so often, far too much energy goes in to this part of the process—to the detriment of others.

It’s often most useful to begin from square one with a strategic analysis that identifies who in your organisation is a stakeholder in the website and exactly what it is they need from it. Here’s a great example of one of the processes our Digital team uses for reference.

This is the first step toward shaping the key messaging and content for your venue website, which should nearly always be finalised before design. And just what exactly are your clients looking for in this regard? Additional results from the IACC study shed some light on the issue:

  1. 70% of respondents reported that they select a venue based on the profile and preferences of their target audience.
  2. Gen Y buyers (who accounted for 28% of the study) reported venue selection criteria which prioritises the venue’s technological infrastructure.

Wise venue managers would take one look at these facts and make it a priority to ensure that the content on their site serves as a true reflection of the venue and everything it has to offer, including organisational values, style of service delivery and ambiance. Not only that, but this key information needs to be concise, clear and easy to find.

The Elements of a Great Venue Website

You know content is important. Same goes for strategy and design. Is there anything else? Absolutely! If you’re interested in finding out what other things you could be doing to make your venue website the best rep on your sales team, download our new white paper on How to Build a Website That Works or contact us for a professional website audit.

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