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Three Tips for Building a Successful, Long Lasting Podcast

Traci Browne
Jun 10, 2015

These days, almost everyone has a list of favorite podcasts they listen to. Solopreneurs, big brands, and media companies are all jumping on the podcast production bandwagon. There is plenty written on the how-to’s of publishing a podcast and equipment you’ll need, but most of those articles are missing some key best practices for podcasting longevity. Here are three tips to help get you stick with your podcast commitment.

Create a Program Format

The best podcasts that attract thousands of listeners follow a program format week after week. While the content of every show changes episode to episode, subscribers know exactly what to expect when it comes to the program. They know how long each episode will be. They know how every episode will start and finish and what content will fill the middle.

Sticking to a format also helps you, the producer of the podcast. You’re not reinventing the wheel every week. Let’s say you have a weekly 30-minute podcast. Every week you know that the first five minutes will cover the latest industry news, followed by a 20-minute guest interview, and wrapping up with a final five minutes of announcements about upcoming events and a teaser for your next podcast.

Your program format will give you laser focus when you prepare each week’s show, which means you’re not wasting a lot of time scrambling to come up with new ideas.

Create a Task List

The best podcasts are reliable. They don’t skip a week because someone forgot to book a guest interview. They don’t get uploaded a day late because someone didn’t get the intro and outro recorded on time.

The good news is this is going to be a breeze for anyone involved in event planning because a podcast episode is basically a mini-event. You need to schedule guests, edit your recordings, upload them to your chosen platform, and then promote each episode. Putting every moving part into a process will ensure your podcast logistics proceed smoothly.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to use a project management tool or simply create a spreadsheet and post it to Google Docs. Putting every moving part into a process will ensure you keep your commitment to your subscribers.

Promote Your Podcast

Each week about 1.5 million people tuned into the popular podcast, “Serial.” It was a word of mouth success story, but don’t rely on similar organic results. Like any other content you produce or event you host, you have to promote it.

Beth Brodovsky, the host of “Driving Participation” podcast, creates a series of images (shown above) that promote each episode of her company’s podcast. Each image is sized for the social media platform on which it is being shared. Brodovsky not only uses them herself to promote each episode, she passes them on to her guests to use to promote themselves as well.

Follow these three tips and it’s less likely your podcast is going to be one of the hundreds that are started each week and abandoned a month or two later because they become an unwieldy project that is hard to maintain.

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