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Shareable Content - What Is It and How To Create It

Traci Browne
Apr 05, 2016
shareable content for events

Every organization wants to know the secret behind creating sharable content. Every marketer dreams of creating a video that goes viral. Other organizations have done it; surely you can too—right?

First, let’s take a look at what kind of content compels people to share. One type of content that people are always eager to share is content that surprises and delights. Successful examples of this are Purina’s “Dear Kitten” videos and WestJet’s “Christmas Miracle” video.

Unfortunately landing a piece of content that surprises and delights an audience often feels more miraculous than strategic. If someone were to crack that formula, they would be the richest person on the planet.

While Buzzfeed has been pretty successful in the surprise and delight department, Ben Smith, editor-in-chief at Buzzfeed admits it’s a formula that is very difficult to replicate. In an interview on the Longform Podcast, Smith suggests a more workable alternative; stories with a strong emotional core.

Smith said that people share content that has a point, or because they have learned something. He says that being moved by something or being able to see yourself in it is a reason to share. That is a formula that is easier to replicate.

Scott Stratten, president of Un-Marking, recently posted a video on Facebook that followed this formula. The video is titled “Mutual Rescue” and it “celebrates love between people and their pets.”

Granted, any story that features adorable rescue dogs is going to tug on your heartstrings. However, what makes this story so successful and sharable is that it includes a very key element. The key element being a character that we can relate to, the person whose life was changed by rescuing a dog.

That video follows a basic, yet often not followed, formula. Don’t just tell people what your product or service does, show them what it can do for them.

For event organizers this means, do not simply talk about how awesome your event will be, show them how it has impacted people’s lives and careers.

Events With a Focus On Education

Create content that tells a story about how past event content had an impact on an attendee’s career. Tell a story about something they learned that helped them advance. Tell a story about how something they learned had a positive affect on their company’s bottom line. Tell a story about leaning something that helped them find meaning and satisfaction in their job.

Events That Feature Networking

Create content around stories of attendees successfully expanding their professional network. Did your event connect a mentor with a mentee? Did someone make a connection that led to landing a new job? Did someone meet a new client or supplier at your event? These are the stories you want to tell.

Events With A Charitable Component

If you have worked with the same charity in the past, create content that showcases how an attendee’s participation in the event enhanced their understanding of the needs of the charitable organization and what that means to them today. If you are working with a new charity, ask the organization to share stories of not just how the beneficiaries of their services lives are changed, but how those helping them to achieve those changes have had their lives changed in turn.

Have you had success creating content that people share with their social networks? Tell us what your secrets to success are in the comments!

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