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Two Secrets to Selling Out



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Oct 14, 2016
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No, I’m not doling out tips on giving up life as an artist to go work on Wall Street. We’re talking tickets here! And in this final installment of our blog series on the secrets to sold-out success, I’m rolling the last two into one, major post – because going out with a bang is never a bad idea, am I right?

#1: Timing

I know what you’re thinking, but timing isn’t the same thing as luck! In a lot of cases though, it really can make the difference between mega-sales and meh.

Apparently, the sooner you start selling tickets, the better. According to Ticketleap, sold out events sold their first ticket an average of 32 days before the event compared to 20 days for events that didn’t sell out. Write that one down. It’s not every day you come across a strategy that could help you sell more tickets with almost zero additional effort (or budget)!

#2: YOU

The final secret that you may not have known, or perhaps you were too humble to admit, is that YOU are the secret weapon. Yes, YOU, hardworking event organizer.

Not only do event planners have the job that shows up most frequently on the annual list of most stressful jobs, but it turns out the key to your own success (and the success of your show) is understanding that despite the stress, there is power in bringing people together. If you can harness that power to fuel your work, there’s no stopping you!

…OK, do you feel cheated by this one? Well, I stand by it. You really are the key! But, in case you’re not keen on flattery, here’s a bonus secret:

Bonus Secret!

There is one final, super important thing that sold-out events do year after year, and that is they set their metrics, and then they scrutinize them to death. This year’s sold out events are born from last year’s metrics, so if you aren’t measuring, you aren’t growing!

Relatively Speaking

At the end of the day, success is relative. It comes in all shapes and sizes, so it can’t just be measured in funds raised or square footage. There are fringe metrics, like economic impact and industry influence. But, if you want to take credit for it, you have to measure it. If you want to convince people to come to it, you have to measure it. And if you want to grow it, you have to measure it. Enter your data into your software or whatever you’re using to track your event information, and don’t let it just sit there and die. Report on it. Scrutinize it. Grow! And repeat year after year.

Bonus, Bonus Secret!

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