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PPC for Venues: Your Digital Wingman



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May 24, 2016
ppc for venues

Ok, I will be the first to admit that PPC is not my favorite weapon in the digital arsenal. As the least organic player in the lineup, Pay-Per-Click advertising is a little bit old school in the sense that it’s talking “at” instead of “with” your audience. However, it would be quite a mistake to dismiss PPC’s power to help fill the gaps in your event marketing strategy and your event calendar.

The Pros

First, a PPC ad campaign can be targeted with an almost surgical precision by location, demographics, interests or all of the above. Second, as the name suggests, you pay only for what works: no clicks, no costs. Third, more than any other form of marketing, digital or otherwise, the results of PPC are measureable –in real-time, no less. Finally, PPC ads and campaign details can be stopped, started or edited at any time.

The Cons

So, why not go all-in on PPC? Primarily for the reason we’ve already given about the way consumer expectations have changed:

However, PPC remains an extraordinary wingman.

The “Goose” to Your “Maverick”

For promoting a special event or opportunity—say a discounted rate for bookings during a slow season—there’s no better medium. PPC can also be an excellent way to jumpstart a new or struggling social media profile or draw attention to marquee content pieces.

There are a plethora of options from which to launch your voyage into PPC but the first and most formidable is the one and only, Google AdWords.

The 800 lb. Google Gorilla

AdWords sits at the top of the food chain because it is part and parcel of the largest search engine on the web, which currently commands more than 60% of US search market share.

As always, there are pros and cons:

Yay Nay
Sheer Volume: Controlling over 60% of search traffic means AdWords investors reach the widest possible audience at once. No brainer. Learning Curve: If you've spent any time in the AdWords interface, you know it's not for the faint of heart. This usually ends up adding costs, either in fees for expert assistance or the money you'll lose through trial and error.
No Waiting: A high enough bid shoots you to the front of the line, ASAP. Higher CPC: Though not always the case, you typically will pay more per click for access to Google's sizeable market share than you'd pay for the same keywords on other networks.


Round Out Your Strategy

Sold on PPC but not sure where to start? Check out our latest Ebook for details about getting started and to learn more about some of the additional digital strategies you can add to your marketing plan to turbocharge results and stuff your calendar to the gills.

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