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Tap Passion to Sell Tickets



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Oct 06, 2016
passion and event sales

What might inspire us to write a blog series about the secrets of sold-out events? As the industry leader in event management software, you might think the answer is obvious, and you’d be partially right. But think bigger. What drove our founders to create that solution? What drove the company to get to the top of the heap and stay there for 30+ years? Passion, that’s what.

Profit is always going to be a part of our motivation to serve you and your motivation to serve your attendees (and sponsors and exhibitors). But if that’s all that’s fueling the fire, it’s almost guaranteed to burn out fast. Passion is what sustains the heat and it’s a prime factor in selling more tickets and growing your event!

And now for the big twist: the role that passion plays in helping you do this has far less to do with your own motivation than it does for the people registering or buying tickets! Thinking about this as a matter of luck is what separates the organizers who sell-out events and those who struggle for every sale.

Make Your Own Luck

Comic Con is a perfect example of this. This show has grown from 300 people in a hotel basement to a 130,000 capacity crowd at the San Diego Convention Center primarily because its founders tapped in to a topic that people were excited about to the point that they’d travel across the country and dress up in costumes to walk around and talk to each other about their passion for comic books, superheroes and science fiction. It’s a potent force for growth and success.

Pump Up The Passion

The subject of your show is what it is, but an easy way to inject some passion into the mix is through special guests and speakers. Highlighting people who live, breathe and eat their subject matter is exactly the kind of thing that’s going to impress and inspire your crowd. If you play your cards right, you can carry that enthusiasm outside the four walls of the event and well past the curtain call via social media and an ongoing content marketing campaign.

Make matches, build community and connect people at your events like it’s your job – because it is! Use technology to play matchmaker, create platforms for information sharing, establish a hosted buyer program – basically, gather like-minded individuals like you mean it!

Round Out Your Strategy

Tapping into your attendee’s passions is a great start but if that was enough to become the leader of the pack, I’d be filling stadiums with fans of my glorious singing voice by now. Since that’s not the case, you should probably check out our latest Ebook for nine more top-secret strategies that will help you get to sold-out status in no time.

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