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LinkedIn Topping the Charts As a News Source

Traci Browne
Sep 27, 2016
LinkedIn News

I know, I know…Snapchat (or Snap as they are now called) just announced their launch of their new Spectacles this week, and I want to talk about LinkedIn. That’s because, as shiny a new object as Spectacles is, an old platform like LinkedIn has proven its usefulness once again.

According to Digiday, publishers are seeing some surprising results in referral traffic when they publish news on LinkedIn. The results were not as robust as Google and Facebook referrals, but significant enough to put LinkedIn in the top ten “referrers of the web” chart.

Pew Research says that the amount of people who say they get their news from LinkedIn has increased significantly since 2013. In fact, only LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram have had significant increases as news sources over the last three years. Instagram? News? I don’t get that either, but moving on.

What You Should Be Publishing on LinkedIn

Forget memes and listicles. People are turning to LinkedIn for their news, so you want to be posting articles that have some meat to them. You want to position your organization as a thought leader in your industry. You want to build trust. When people trust you to provide thought provoking and insightful news, they are more likely to believe you will be delivering that same quality of information through your events.

I talked about growing your audience through LinkedIn last year, and that advice still stands today. You may want to take a minute and give that another read.

Make LinkedIn Part of Your Content Marketing Plan

Look at the type of content successful publishers like Forbes, Business Insider and The Economist are publishing on LinkedIn. Next, look through some of the content you have published in your organization's newsletter, blog or magazine. I’m betting there is some good content in there that you could re-post on LinkedIn.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of re-purposing your existing content, make LinkedIn part of your content marketing strategy moving forward. Cherry pick individual articles to re-publish on LinkedIn in order to reach a wider audience.

Of course, you can’t know what’s working if you don’t measure it, so review your analytics regularly to see how many referrals are coming from those posts. Also, track the amount of play your articles are getting within LinkedIn to determine what topics resonate most with LinkedIn readers.

Once you have done all that, by all means, buy a pair of Snap Spectacles and do whatever it is you are supposed to do with them. Or, send me a note and explain to me why people are turning to Instagram for their news.

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