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Flip The Sales Funnel for Sold-Out Success



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Aug 19, 2016

Ever wondered what separates your show from the all-stars? I’m here to tell you, it’s a lot less than you think!

From our unique vantage point as a leading software provider for some of the biggest events in the world, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to reach sold-out status. Despite what you may think, it’s not just luck, money or a cultural phenomenon that does the trick. Most of the time, when an event sells out it’s because they’re working one or more of the specific, actionable strategies that lead to this kind of success.

Last week we spilled the beans on word of mouth/social media. This week, it’s all about the sales strategy.

Flipping the Funnel

It’s a new twist on an old idea: If you really want to blow the doors off the place, it’s not enough just to draw a crowd. It’s got to be the right crowd.
To do that, you’ve got to flip the funnel.

Turn Tradition on its Head

A long-standing principle of event marketing and marketing in general is the idea of the traditional sales funnel in which you begin your marketing efforts by targeting a broad audience of all possible attendees and then continually zero-in on ever more relevant leads as you go. Many of today’s most successful events are flipping that strategy on its head by aiming for the high-value targets first.

It works like this:

Sales activity focuses on high-profile attendees first. Once said high profile attendees have been secured, savvy organizer then uses this to their marketing advantage to lure other relevant attendees with the knowledge that their respected colleagues will be in attendance.

Lather, rinse, repeat until you end up with a high quantity of quality attendees.

Big Fish First

It’s the same basic theory behind influencer marketing: People of some prominence hold sway. Hooking a few of these big fish early does a lot of the hard work for you by drawing in the crowd that follows behind them.

All you really need to do to make this work for your event is some homework on who’s who among your attendees. The older your show, the easier this gets, as you’ll have more and more data to mine. But, even just a cruise through LinkedIn and some Google time will net you at least a few decent prospects since influencers, by definition, shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Looking for More?

You’re in luck! We just published a new Ebook, The Top 10 Secrets of Sold-Out Events. Download it now and get the scoop on everything else you should be doing if you want to reach sold-out status!

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