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6 Ways To Use Facebook Live At Your Next Conference

Traci Browne
Aug 17, 2016
facebook live for conferences

Aids.gov decided to use Facebook Live as a way to share what was happening at the International Aids Conference in South Africa this past July. Their goal was to share the latest research and news with a wider audience in a timely way.

They didn’t just wing it either. Aids.gov posted a schedule of when they would be broadcasting live, and actively promoted what they were doing. They encouraged viewers to join in and contribute to the conversation.

If you are worried your audience will not like using their favorite friends and family platform for business, let’s clarify a few things:

Fact #1 - Your audience does not need to log into their Facebook account to view your Facebook Live videos. They only need to log in to interact with other viewers.

Fact #2 - Your audience does not have to watch the livestream. Your videos are viewable after the fact.

Fact #3 - You can upload your Facebook Live videos to YouTube and embed them anywhere.

Want to give it a go at your next conference? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Site visit teasers - Get potential attendees excited about your event by posting a few teaser videos during your site visit. Give them short tours of the city and venue throughout your stay. Include a call to action--Register now for early bird discounts!
  2. Interviews with conference speakers - Post short interviews with your conference speakers highlighting key takeaways from their presentation. Tell the audience where they can go for more in-depth information.
  3. Broadcast breaking news - Have industry thought leaders and your organization’s key executives share the latest research data, trends and discoveries presented at your conference. Think of it as your very own news broadcast.
  4. Man on the street interviews - Interview attendees asking them to share what they learned at the conference or what resonated with them the most. A compilation of these videos would be great marketing for your next event.
  5. Behind the scenes videos - These videos give your attendees a glimpse into the effort it takes to put on an event. It adds to your authenticity by showing a side of your conference that has not been packaged and polished and allows you to showcase the folks involved who are not in the spotlight.
  6. Demo videos - Add value for your sponsors and exhibitors by posting demo videos right from the show floor. If you get good at this type of video and pull in viewers, you can always sell them as an add-on next year.

Those are just a few ways you could use Facebook Live at your next event, but how shouldn’t you use it? You do not want to use Facebook Live as an inexpensive way to livestream your entire conference.

While Facebook has released APIs, your AV provider can use to set up a more professional livestream. I do not think the quality is there quite yet. I have seen a few conferences try to livestream their whole event using a smartphone and honestly, those videos are just painful to watch. The audio is terrible, and the visual is not much better. As with anything, if it is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Have you experimented with Facebook Live at your events? Share what worked and what didn't in the comments.

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