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The Maiden Voyage of Event365



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Jan 21, 2016
event marketing videocast

Hello and welcome to the inaugural episode of Event365! What you're about to witness is our new bi-weekly videocast, slated to bring you the bits and bites of info you need to keep your event live 365 days a year.

A few disclaimers about Episode 1 here:

  1. While we stand by our spin on the subject matter (which is indoor mapping technology for venues, by the way), we will admit that it's not exactly the newest of news. That's due to Rebecca Rutherford's near fatal case of stage fright. It took some convincing to let us make her a star but she finally came to terms with the inconveniences of celebrity life and gave her blessing.
  2. This was our first time out of the gate (maybe also the first time some of us operated video equipment...), so please excuse our amateur stylings.

All that said, this is still a fun way to spend five minutes learning about some new technology that could help you take things to the next level. Check back in a few weeks for the premiere of Episode 2, in which we'll share some more juicy info, while wearing mics and laying off the memes (a little!). Enjoy!

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