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Simple Trumps Showy in Event Logo Design

Angie Golio
Jan 20, 2016
event logo design

Take a look around wherever you happen to be at the moment. It’s highly likely you’ll spot at least a handful of logos. Better yet, since you’re also using a web connected device of some sort, take the opportunity to do some surfing and peruse the masses of logo examples you can pull up in a few minutes time. I’ll bet that many of the logos you come across fall squarely in the “showy” camp: trying so hard to sum up the whole story in one graphic (and/or show off the designers mad skillz!) that the basic message gets lost.

But what you’re also likely to notice is an ever-growing turn toward simplicity. Against many contemporary logos, this design trend may seem like a fresh, new take. Really though, it’s just a return to form.

Back to Basics

The release of a new Taschen book on logo design late last year got my wheels spinning about the enduring legacy of clean, crisp design principles. A more simple, direct style has always been my own personal preference and I was emboldened by the essential message of the book about how all the bells and whistles at the fingertips of today’s designers—not to mention the demands of mobile/responsive design—make it more important than ever to hold tight to basic design parameters for logos.

To my delight, at just about the same time, Google unveiled a newly redesigned logo. At the top of their list of reasons for revamping their classic emblem, sat this one: “A scalable mark that could convey the feeling of the full logotype in constrained spaces.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, Google’s not quite the market leader in design that they are in search (or everything else, generally), but they do represent a highly influential brand that tends to chart the course for the rest of us. Since I happen to agree that this is the best way forward, I’m going all in on this one!

Acing Your Event Logo

Even though I’d stand by simple and direct as the secret recipe for any good logo, I think it’s especially true for event logos. I’ve got two reasons for that:

  1. Less established shows need a mark that is both distinguishable and clear to set themselves apart and easily communicate their purpose.
  2. As a show grows and expands, the logo needs to be strong enough to stand on its own; recognizable apart from other messaging and marketing materials.

Achieving this level of success with your event logo is a goal that will pay dividends over the life of your show.

It’s Never Too Late!

If you know your event logo isn’t quite living up to its potential (or you suspect so, but aren’t sure!), don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s too late to make a change! After all, if your logo isn’t holding its own and clearly communicating your key message, it’s not doing much for you anyway!

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