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6 Ways to Encourage Photo Sharing at Your Event

Traci Browne
Apr 28, 2016
photo sharing at events

Photos are one of the most popular types of content on social media, and people just cannot resist taking selfies. According to Techinfographics over a million selfies are taken every day.

But it’s not just selfies that people are sharing. Take a look at your own social network feeds and you’ll see that your timeline is filled with images.

Wouldn’t you love to get in on some of that action to create social buzz around your event? Wouldn’t you love if attendees were sharing images of your event with their social networks?
Here are six ideas to get you started.

Pre-Show Captured Moments

Start generating a bit of online hoopla before your event even starts. It’s a great conversation starter that gets attendees networking before they even arrive.

1. What’s In Your Luggage?

Ask attendees to post photos of that thing they cannot travel without when on the road. Spark their creativity by having your staff post images of their “must have” item. Be sure those photos include something silly, something sentimental or something incredibly useful.

2. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Events are fun but getting there—sometimes not so much. While you do not have any control over your audience’s travel, you can try to make it more entertaining. Encourage attendees to post selfies as they settle into their car, plane or train on the way to your event. You can also ask them to post photos of interesting things they see on the way to their destination.

During the Event Activities

Encourage attendees to snap and share photos by providing them a whimsical backdrop or two. You can even turn photo ops into a game.

3. Set the Scene

Create fun and creative vignettes throughout your event that encourage people to stop and take selfies. That vignette might be an eye-catching, artistic display, a Photo Booth with props, or even an industry innovation such as the 3D printed car at IMTS in 2014.

4. Instagram Bingo

Make a game of it! Create a bingo card filled with photo worthy situations your attendees might come across at your event. Ideas might include a selfie with the keynote speaker, a lanyard photo, a selfie dancing at the opening reception, or a selfie with your company president or organization board member. Just be sure to keep things positive, you never want to encourage people to capture awkward moments.

Post-Event Reflection

Keep your event top of mind by continuing the conversation after your event is over.

5. Favorite Moments

Ask attendees to take a minute to look through their event photos and share their favorite moments. Not only does this ensure you get some post-event buzz, but it’s an excellent way to keep the energy alive for the attendees. The perfect time to launch this idea is right after your event when your attendees are starting to make their way home. That is the time they would be flipping through photos anyway.

6. Who Did You Meet?

Share the love by encouraging attendees to post photos of someone they met or connected with at your event. Leave it open to their interpretation but give a few ideas such as new people, old friends, someone who sparked an idea, someone they admire and respect, or someone they would like to stay in touch with.

Bonus Points: Encourage attendees to post photos using the event hashtag as well as a unique topical hashtag such as #ABCEventPackingTips, ABCEventTravel, or #ABCEventBingo

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