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Fight Dark Days With Twitter



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May 03, 2016
Twitter for Dark Days

My last post on the blog got real about the myriad ways in which digital strategy is a more effective and efficient means to filling in the holes in your venue calendar. Unfortunately, by the time I got through my argument and the mountain of supporting evidence that backs it up, there was little space left for specifics. As we all know, however, sharing valuable info isn’t a one shot deal!

Today I’m back with details about one strategy in particular you can deploy to defeat dark days for good. Hint: it involves a metaphorical bird.

The Power of Social

Let’s consider this fun pair of statistics to start things off, shall we?

  1. The average amount of time adults spend online is now 5.6 hours a day.
  2. Nearly 2/3 of online adults use social networking sites.

Now, if you do the math, this means the odds are pretty good that you’re going to find a huge chunk of your audience out there Tweeting, Liking and posting at any given time. Event attendees in particular love to show the action live from your venue. So, follow the cardinal rule of marketing and go where your customers are!

One Size Does NOT Fit All

No doubt about it, social media marketing works for building general awareness and buzz around your venue. However, splashing the same content across every social media platform under the sun is not a recipe for success. Much better to start small and perfect your strategy on one network before expanding to the next.

There really are no hard and fast rules about which social media platform is the right choice for you to focus your efforts, but for venues just getting into the social media game, we like Twitter.

The Bird’s The Word

Twitter is a good option for venues for a few reasons, including:

  1. Event organizers are fairly active on Twitter
  2. There’s little to no learning curve
  3. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment to maintain a healthy presence
  4. It’s difficult (though not impossible) to get yourself into too much trouble in 140 characters or less!

As with any social media platform, the general idea here is to establish an active, authentic presence from which you can increase awareness of your venue and services, as well as call attention to any special programs or incentives you have available. Keywords: active and authentic.

Twitter works best when it’s a true two-way conversation, so be responsive and try to engage with your followers and the people you follow as often as possible. But, as a general rule, try to aim for 6-12 Tweets per day in addition to replies and retweets and be sure that your Tweets are a healthy mix of promotional and non-self-serving information.

A great strategy for finding good people to follow and content you can Tweet about is to take a look at the followers of other highly successful accounts – which often belong to well-known organizations or high profile individuals—and follow their followers. This works for the accounts of your competitors too!

Want More?

Thirsty for more digital strategies that can help you fight dark days? Download our latest Ebook, for more practical tips and tricks you can use to get rolling.

Have you had success on Twitter or another social media platform that’s led to a steadier, more reliable flow of booking opportunities? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

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