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How to Create an Aura of Exclusivity for Events



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Aug 24, 2016
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You probably already know that a real or perceived sense of exclusivity can work wonders for ticket sales. You know this because it speaks to the junior high-schooler in all of us that remembers how effective this strategy is, was and always will be in making people feel like an event, or lunch table or particular social circle is the place to be.

But just how can you get your event on everyone’s A-list? Here’s a few ideas:

Think Smaller

The median size of sold-out events is 35 people.

While it might seem counterintuitive, limiting attendees in the early stages can be a very successful strategy for future blockbuster growth. It can be hard to swallow, but the point here is that perhaps you’re not selling out events because you’re aiming for quantity over quality, when a smaller crowd could help you focus your events and attention on creating the sort of “insta-exclusivity” that makes for transformational experiences. The kind of experiences that inspire initial guests to become walking, talking billboards for what a “can’t miss” event you’ve created!

Level Up

If trimming the guest list isn’t an option, another way to offer exclusivity without cutting attendance is to offer segments of your audience access to unique experiences. Many top events do this via tiered levels of access. For business events, this could mean admission to special sessions or training tracks. For entertainment events, think about how sporting events often grant access to behind-the-scenes areas, like clubhouse tours for the first 20 ticket purchasers, etc.

For Your Eyes Only

Top events carry over this same idea to content and information. Nobody comes to your event to hear what happened last year. People want to attend an event to hear or see or otherwise consume something new. It’s your job to deliver on this and it’s yet another area in which it’s possible to segment access.

For business events, this could mean that top-level registrants receive free access to session recordings and slides. At an entertainment event, concert goers in certain sections could be offered exclusive music downloads. There’s nearly always something of additional value you can offer if you set your mind to it!

What Else?

Is there anything else you can do to move your event up to all-star status? You bet! Download our new Ebook, The Top 10 Secrets of Sold-Out Events, for some additional ideas and strategies that will help you take things to the next level.

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