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Establish Your Organization as the Go-To Source for Quality Video Content

Traci Browne
Jul 08, 2015

What if your organization was the go-to source for video programming in your industry? Let’s say someone was looking for news or information on the latest industry advancements. Instead of Google, their first stop would be your channel to find the content they want.

I recently read an article about NYC.TV that got me thinking about this possibility. NYC.TV is basically public access television on the web. They provide original programming as well as carefully curated content from independent producers.

In that article, NYC.TV co-founder Kareem Ahmed is quoted saying, “We are providing content for videos that are created in NYC in a way that no one has before.” They provide value because they have gone niche. That’s their special sauce. If you are looking for information about New York City, created by New Yorkers, NYC.TV is your destination.

What Does This Mean For Your Organization?

You could establish your organization as the one-stop-shop for great video content that is focused on your industry and the people who work in it. You don’t even need to create your own video platform! All you need to get started is a YouTube channel.

It’s likely you have a lot of video content that you’ve already created. It’s also likely that your trade show or conference attendees, exhibitors and sponsors have video content as well. Imagine how happy they would be to have a larger platform to promote that content?

Trade show and expo organizers are always looking for ways to add value for their stakeholders, and this is a perfect opportunity. It not only gives your content a broader reach as you build your reputation, but it also gives others creating quality content that same extended reach. Though, it’s not just about the quantity of content. What will truly set you apart is quality content.

Creating Your Content

Learning from NYC.TV’s example, we see the first step is developing original content. Consistency will keep people coming back for more. Develop pillars of content that are regularly updated. For example, you might start with three or four “shows” that run every month.

One “show” might be based on conference content. Use the TED model and post a new video of your conference sessions every few weeks instead of posting them all at one time. Another show might be called “State of the Industry” where a different industry thought leader or expert is interviewed each month. Maybe another show is called “What’s In Your Toolbox?” where members of your audience talk about their favorite tool that helps them get their job done better and faster.

Having a programming calendar helps to ensure you’re not scrambling every month trying to come up with content to post. When you scramble for content, you're not focused on quality and that diminishes the power of your channel.

Letting Others Create Content For You

The other key to ensuring your content is of the highest quality is through careful curation and vetting of video submitted by other contributors. You don’t want to post just anything passed on to you. Establish criteria for what will and will not be accepted. Is the video submitted nothing more than a sales pitch? Sorry, that does not meet our criteria. Is the sound quality so poor you can barely hear it? Nope, try again.

Just like you provide guidelines for your call for speakers, create guidelines for what type of video you are interested in. Then carefully review everything and let the cream rise to the top.

I encourage you to take some time to do an audit of the video content you already have. Think about the content your audience might want to have. Do some snooping around the web and see who else is creating quality content in your niche. Then list some of the holes where great content is missing and think about how you could fill in the gaps.

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