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Create Online Video Tutorials - Fast & Free

Traci Browne
Oct 28, 2015
create online video tutorials

In the past decade, we have moved from paper registration forms and show service order forms to integrated registration systems, event apps, and online exhibitor resource centers. Every year event organizers are implementing even more new technology to improve the attendee experience and help connect exhibitors with buyers.

All this technology has made event organizers lives easier, but our attendees and exhibitors get stuck at times trying to figure it all out. Well, technology can solve that problem too.

Instead of trying to write up step-by-step instructions that can be overwhelming to follow, why not walk those who are not quite as tech savvy through the process visually. You can create short, two to five-minute video tutorials. It is easier than you might think, and there are free tools available that allow you to do it.

One such tool available is Jing. Jing allows you to create step-by-step screen capture videos. Instead of telling your attendees where to find the link to registration and how to use the system, just fire up Jing and start recording the process from start to finish. Jing even allows you to narrate your videos.

Because you are limited to a five-minute maximum on the videos, it forces you to keep things concise. But what about processes that are more complicated such as your exhibitor resource center? Well, that’s an easy enough problem to solve.

Break your videos down into specific tasks. Task-specific videos are a plus for your exhibitors, as they will not have to sit through content that does not apply to them.

You could create one video to show exhibitors how to upload content to your event website, another for ordering show services, and another video for submitting marketing materials for approval.

Once you are satisfied with your video, you can let Jing host the videos for you, or you can save it to your computer or server. Jing also allows you to email links to your video, add the video to your website, or share the videos through social media and even upload them to YouTube.

When you get a phone call from an attendee or exhibitor struggling to find the right form, or trying to figure out how to complete that form, you do not have to walk them through the process over the phone. You can simply email them the appropriate video and move on to your next task.

By using simple tools like this, you are essentially setting up a 24/7 help desk. If an attendee is struggling to fill out their profile after you have gone home for the day, they won’t get frustrated because they cannot reach anyone for help. They can simply fire up your video and be guided through the process step by step.

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