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How To Convince Your Speakers To Give You Extra Content

Traci Browne
Apr 14, 2016
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Event organizers are always trying to get their speakers and industry thought leaders to contribute extra, quality content. You probably ask speakers to contribute an article or two for your blog. You might even reach out to thought leaders who will be at your event to write up something for your newsletter.

Some speakers will be happy to help, but others seem more reluctant. Even those who say yes often need to be nudged and nagged as deadlines approach. Why do you end up feeling like your request is unreasonable?

You need to understand that the people you are asking to write the article are probably extremely busy. A well-thought out piece, even if it is only 500 words, takes time to write. Time that your speakers and thought leaders probably do not have to spare. Even when they want to help, other responsibilities get in the way.

Do not give up! There is an easy way to get great content out of every one of them, and they will even be happy to do it.

The answer is in aggregation of content. You create quality pieces of content from a collection of insight and wisdom that require the tiniest of commitments on the part of the contributor. Let’s look at how it works.

Pre-Event Content - Blog Posts

Come up with two or three questions that you send to each speaker or thought leader asking them to answer any or all questions in just two or three sentences. Aggregate all the answers and create a blog post on each topic.

For example, ask the question, “Please identify an industry trend or prediction you expect to see in the next five years.” Then create a blog post titled, “Industry Leaders Weigh-in On Five-Year Trends and Predictions” using everyone’s answers.

The question “What do you think is the most important skill someone needs to develop for success in industry X?” becomes your blog post “The Most Important Skill You Must Have In Order To Succeed In Industry X.”

During the Event - Video

Set up a basic video studio at your event. All you need is a fairly quiet corner, a camera that shoots video and a branded backdrop. Invite your speakers and industry thought leaders to answer a particular question, on camera, in less than one minute.

For example, ask the question, “What do you think is the biggest thing in industry X today?” From there, you can create a compilation video of the best answers, or just post each video individually.

Here is a great example of this in action at Content Marketing World.

Repurpose For Even More Content

Images: Create images using pull quotes from your aggregated blog posts and videos. Be sure to size the images to fit each of your social media platforms. Do not forget to include your event name and/or hashtag on each image so that when those images get shared, your branding stays with them.

Infographics: People love and therefore will share a good infographic. Create an eye-catching infographic using the top ten answers to each of your blog post and video questions. Be sure to tag the people you quoted when you share the infographic on social media in case they want to share the graphic with their social networks as well.

Bonus Content

On the last day of your event, ask attendees to go on camera and answer the question, “In thirty-seconds or less, what was your favorite moment or biggest takeaway at this year’s event?” This gives you scads of great testimonials you can use in every format imaginable for next year’s event.

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