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Build Buzz to Boost Venue Bookings



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Feb 26, 2016
social media for venues

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “Just knowing is half the battle.” It may be cliché, but when it comes to booking events at your venue, it’s a trope that’s spot-on. Knowing what really matters to an event planner in the venue selection process and how they’re gathering their intel is absolutely key to filling up your calendar. And wouldn’t you know it? I’ve got a pair of statistics that spell it all out:

  1. Word of mouth is the number one influencer for event professionals searching for a venue (source)
  2. About half (49%) of planners use the internet as the primary way of finding an event venue (source)

These two things are more closely related than it may seem at first blush, and that's because of this little follow-up:

Studies show that professionals trust online information almost as much as information gotten in-person (source)


That’s right! The key to booking more events is building buzz for your space online and doing so requires a stellar website to funnel all those good vibes right to your (virtual) door. Let’s start with what you can do to get people talking.

The Social Contract

If you want to start a conversation about your venue online, you go where your audience goes to get their news, catch up with colleagues, friends and family and generally stay in the know. That’s social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Now, if the idea is to generate as much buzz as possible, you might think that your social media strategy ought to include every platform under the sun. Not so much. Our advice to clients is always to start slow and small. Far better to master one platform than to be so-so at them all. Pick one platform to begin with, learn how to use it according to its own rules and become an ace there before moving on to a second platform.

Note: Before you jump in, it’s also a good idea to put together a strategy for handling complaints or criticism – but don’t let fear of negative comments hold you back. The potential payoff is greater than the risk!

Own The Conversation

If you’re going to invest time and money in social media strategy (and it will take both!), why not do everything you can to get the most mileage out of your efforts? Having a well-designed, responsive website with clear calls to action is a must, but take it a step further to maximize your social media efforts by creating space on your site to foster those interactions.

Think: social media feeds/links, forums, an event-specific blog or news feed, sharing tools. Work as many reasons as you can for your audience to frequent your website right into the fabric of the design.

Connecting The Dots

Speaking of site design, that quick aside above about a killer website being a given? True, but not quite as simple as it sounds. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone! Whether it’s social media strategy and management, website optimization or both, the team at Ungerboeck Digital can help you build the online presence you need to increase bookings. Check out our latest Ebook for some easy tips and tricks to help you improve your site and then give us call to discuss your specific needs. Your site (and bottom line) will thank you!

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