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Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Audience

Traci Browne
Apr 14, 2015

Event organizers understand the power social media has when it comes to expanding their audience. They share information about their event on Twitter and Facebook and encourage attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers to do the same. They use LinkedIn Groups to communicate with their captive and interested audience. Now, LinkedIn has added a way to get even more exposure for your event.

LinkedIn members can publish long-form content on the LinkedIn social network. When you publish on LinkedIn you not only reach your network, but you can reach your network’s network, and you can reach an audience outside your network that is interested in the industry you serve.

How It Works

When you log in to LinkedIn you have the option to share an update, post a picture, and now — publish a post.   You can add images throughout the post and also embed video, much like you would on a blog. Readers can “like” and comment on your post. They can also share it via most social media platforms (you don’t need a LinkedIn account to read published articles). LinkedIn members can also “follow” you if they like what they read to receive notifications when you publish something new.

What You Should Publish

Quality is key. You want to publish thought-provoking and informative articles. This is not a platform to announce early bird registration. You want to give readers a taste of the information they can expect to receive at your event. Great content might be informative Q&As with your speakers and sponsors. Your event leadership could post their take on where your industry is heading and what some of the challenges are that members will be facing and how to overcome them.

LinkedIn says that high-quality long-form posts might be distributed beyond your connections and followers, through channels such as LinkedIn Pulse and emails.

Who Should Publish

You cannot publish articles under your company or event page, it must be done from an individual’s account. If your goal is to acquire a new audience, you need to put a plan in place. Get agreement from one or several key people in your organization to post articles on a regular schedule. That regular schedule could be just once a month or every other month, but they must commit to consistent updates of quality content.

Work closely with your publishers to come up with topics that will resonate with your potential and current audience. If the best person to publish a post is not a great writer, have a writer work with them to organize their thoughts and get their story told.

Include a Call To Action

Rachel Foster drove home the importance of including “next steps” at the end of your LinkedIn posts in her article “How to Get 200+ New Subscribers From 1 LinkedIn Article.” Incorporating “next steps” into your posts will help you build your mailing list.

In order to acquire a new audience the next steps you include at the bottom of each post could be:

  • Like what you read? Share this post with your network
  • Want more great information like this and other XYZ industry news and event information? Sign up for our mailing list (embed the form right in the post)
  • Download our 2015 state of the industry research report (of course you’ll be collecting their email when they download)

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