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JSON templates
Kevin Zink
Sep 29, 2016

Speed up development and expand your options beyond simple Mustache.js implementation with Handlebars.

Gulp tutorial
Traci Browne
Sep 01, 2016

Check out these considerations for conference content distribution!

Gulp tutorial
Aug 29, 2016

Make your life (and complex builds) a little easier with this tutorial on Gulp.

website security
Jul 08, 2016

There's a new SSL sheriff in town and she's got good news for small and medium-sized sites that want to encrypt without breaking the bank!

website translation
Kevin Zink
Jul 01, 2016

When it comes to multi-lingual websites, there are two ways to get the job done. Find out which option is right for you.

best source code editors
Jun 21, 2016

The right code editor can save you a lot of time (and coffee!). Here's five we love and recommend.

joomla extensions
Jun 17, 2016

If you're developing in Joomla,do yourself a favor and get really familiar with these five must-have extensions. Go ahead, we'll wait.

smart website redirects
Kevin Zink
May 10, 2016

In a perfect world, your website never throws an error. In the real world, here's the best way to make lemonade out of the inevitable lemons.

responsive frameworks
Apr 12, 2016

Making a website responsive can be painful and time consuming. Enter responsive frameworks.

git version control
Kevin Zink
Apr 08, 2016

In a perfect world, any coding project would have killer design, concise functional specifications, well defined technical specifications, and a client that understands how everything ties together prior to starting development. Prepare for the way things really go down with a version control system.

Mar 29, 2016

Compared to the browser-based side of the web, designing HTML emails is a little like the Wild West. Nothing the following seven tips can’t handle though!

improve venue website
Kevin Zink
Mar 23, 2016

Who doesn't like a list? A list full of easy tips to help improve your venue website? Even better!

Mar 18, 2016

It's all too easy for web developers and designers to fall into a routine that results in run-of-the-mill websites. To guard against complacency, we make it a point to regularly set aside some time for the entire team to float around online and find out what’s new, what’s cool and where we could be pushing the envelope a little more. Here's the latest fruit of that labor.

Kevin Zink
Mar 01, 2016

There are many benefits to an open source CMS, but vulnerability to widgets with bad intentions isn't one of them. See what you can do to hold the bad guys at bay!

Feb 23, 2016

And we're back! Catch up with your favorite digital marketing duo as they walk through the technology that's about to take the events industry (and your ability to keep things chugging along year round) by storm! That's right, it's time to talk virtual reality.

website analytics guide
Feb 09, 2016

It’s a conundrum: you want to make improvements to your site but you have no real idea what is and isn’t working. What’s an event pro like yourself to do? Fortunately, unlike most conundrums, this particular situation has a simple solution and it’s called analytics.

captcha options
Kevin Zink
Feb 01, 2016

Your mission (if you choose to accept it!) is to stop spam bots from submitting forms on your site without turning off users. Our mission is to help you figure out how to do that with this quick primer on your options when it comes to CAPTCHAs.

CSS3 website style
Kevin Zink
Jan 08, 2016

So you've finally decided to jump on the CSS3 bandwagon? If you're wondering where to start, you've come to the right place.

Event website optimization
Rebecca Rutherford
Dec 23, 2015

It's the perfect time of year for eggnog, caroling, roasting chestnuts, etc. That also means is the perfect time of year to take a good hard look at how your event website is performing and what you can do to make it better than ever in 2016!

best javascript libraries
Kevin Zink
Dec 16, 2015

There are lots of javascript libraries in the sea, but if you want to hook a real catch, check out this list of the best.

website background image techniques
Kevin Zink
Dec 04, 2015

Is your website looking a little pale? Liven things up with one of these three techniques for website background images.

event website design gif
Kevin Zink
Nov 17, 2015

The early days of "can you punch the monkey ads" have given the mighty GIF a bad rap. But, if you play your cards right these days, a subtle, well-done GIF can be an excellent enhancement to a great web design.

Event Website Integration
Rebecca Rutherford
Sep 25, 2015

There’s a thousand different reasons for building or re-designing an event website. Increasing market share? Check. Improving customer service? Sure thing! World peace? You bet (ok, maybe not world peace, but never say never!). The point is, a great event website is a powerful thing, so it’s never a bad idea to make sure yours is in tip-top shape.

Apr 30, 2015

So, you want a beautiful, flashy (pun-intended) website that is equal parts engaging and impressive? It also MUST be optimized for mobile and search. And you’re on a tight budget…

Kevin Zink
Apr 09, 2015

The first post in our new Best Practice Exchange series threw down some ground rules for event web design, courtesy of our resident design expert, Angie Golio. Today, it’s programming and development extraordinaire, Kevin Zink.

Michelle Bruno
Mar 23, 2015

The days of slapping up an event website and calling it good as long as the color scheme matches the brand guidelines and all of the who, what, when, where, and why information is in place are over. The technology is available and the potential is huge for converting the “floating brochure” of yesterday into a responsive, lead-generating, community-building conversion machine.

Chris Bell
Jun 10, 2014

Anyone who shopped at Target prior to December 2013 understands the impacts of credit card security breaches. On December 19th, Target announced that 40 million credit and debit cards were stolen and in January of this year, the company also disclosed that 70 million customers had their personal information compromised.

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