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social media images copyright
Traci Browne
Oct 12, 2016

Just because you found an image on the web, doesn’t mean it’s yours to use as you see fit! Read on for a quick refresher on copyright as it relates to your content marketing.

LinkedIn News
Traci Browne
Sep 27, 2016

New research shows LinkedIn is a top source for news. Traci Browne highlights what publishers are doing right, and why event pros should emulate them.

Social Employee Strategy ROI
Sep 20, 2016

Now that we've covered the "why" and "how" of building a social employee strategy it's time to talk about how to get things off the ground and evaluate success!

Instagram tips for #Eventprofs
Traci Browne
Sep 14, 2016

You know how some Instagram feeds just have that extra something that catches your eye? The secret to a standout feed is less mysterious than you think! Traci Browne explains.

building employee advocates
Sep 13, 2016

In part one of this series on building employee advocates as part of a social media strategy, we talked "why." Here's "how."

social media strategy
Sep 07, 2016

Authenticity is the holy grail for today's brand managers. So why are so many overlooking the best (and most cost-effective!) way to reach the promised land? Check out part one of our new three-part series for answers!

instagram for events
Aug 26, 2016

There's some new data out on Instagram usage for business and you better believe, Rebecca and Silent Ang are gonna bring you the scoop AND help you apply the findings to the events industry. It's just how they roll.

facebook live for conferences
Traci Browne
Aug 17, 2016

Traci Browne shares six good ways to use Facebook Live at your next conference and one way you definitely shouldn't!

top secret of sold out events
Aug 12, 2016

There's more than one secret to be shared on this subject, but for our money, this one gets top billing!

hashtag stealing
Traci Browne
Aug 03, 2016

Can you lay a legal claim to your event hashtag? The International Olympic Committee seems to think so!

textspeak in business
Kevin Zink
Jul 29, 2016

Textspeak's not just for texts anymore! Find out how this trend is impacting your biz and how u can come out ahead.

facebook advertising for events
Traci Browne
Jul 20, 2016

The custom audience feature is one of the best kept secrets of Facebook advertising. But no digital secret is safe with Traci Browne on the job! Check out what she dug up for event organizers this time.

event video production
Jul 15, 2016

The rise of video marketing is inevitable. If that leaves you shaking in your boots, never fear! Rebecca and Silent Ang have some great tips to help you sharpen up your video skillz in the latest episode of Event365!

instagram for events
Traci Browne
Jul 06, 2016

There's some new data out on Instagram that could help you up your event's social media game. Pick up some of the cold hard facts and expert insight here!

event technology news
Jun 29, 2016

Hold on to your hats! Recent announcements out of Silicon Valley are sending tremors through the events biz. Find out what's coming up in event technology and how it's likely to rock the industry!

Traci Browne
Jun 23, 2016

Facebook predicts text-based content is about to go the way of the DoDo. Here's a few tips from Traci Browne to help you get ahead of the curve in the coming video revolution!

snapchat for event organizers
Traci Browne
Jun 08, 2016

Traci Browne helps us take a (more than 10 second) look at the pros and cons of Snapchat marketing for event organizers!

social media responsiveness
Traci Browne
May 26, 2016

A new study by Sprout Social shows most organizations are failing when it comes to social media. How does your event compare? Traci Browne shares a few tips to help you measure up!

social media crisis plan for venues
May 20, 2016

As much power as social media has to benefit your venue is as much power as it has to damage it. Here's a plan to help you cut the risk.

Twitter for Dark Days
May 03, 2016

Twitter's more than just an informative/entertaining way to kill time. Learn more about one of your most powerful allies in the fight against dark days and how you can use it to your greatest advantage!

photo sharing at events
Traci Browne
Apr 28, 2016

Everybody loves a selfie! Here's a few tips to help you harness that power to promote your show.

Traci Browne
Mar 16, 2016

Ever heard the phrase, "Don't build on rented land?" Same goes for your email marketing database.

Mar 08, 2016

Look at us, actually releasing the latest episode of Event365 on time! Help us celebrate this milestone by checking out what we've got to say about how venues can/should increase bookings.

Traci Browne
Mar 04, 2016

It's no Jedi mind trick, but this fun strategy from Traci Browne about how to incorporate livestreaming into your next event could be just the way to get the force on your side when it comes to engaging attendess!

social media for venues
Feb 26, 2016

It may be cliché, but when it comes to booking more events at your venue, just knowing IS half the battle! As it happens, we've got a pretty good idea of what really matters to event planners in the venue selection process, how they're gathering their intel and what it all means for you.

repurposing content
Traci Browne
Feb 17, 2016

When you invest a significant amount of time or money into a big piece of content, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck! Here's a few practical tips to make it happen.

event social media trends
Traci Browne
Feb 11, 2016

The “next big thing” in social media can quickly transform into “that was so yesterday” before we even figure out how to use it effectively. That said, here's a few rising stars that seem to have some staying power.

Feb 04, 2016

If your association's content marketing strategy is only concerned with member engagement and new member outreach, you might be missing out on an opportunity to widen your circle of influence--and profit margins--considerably!

free stock images
Traci Browne
Jan 28, 2016

You need photos for everything in digital marketing. But you don't have to choose between professional, high cost images and poor quality freebies.

machine learning and SEO
Tyler Bishop
Jan 26, 2016

Last week we learned that the days of major algorithm updates that send shockwaves across the web are probably over. From this point on, change is likely to be continuously incremental and semi-predictable. Does that sound at all like the difference between say, a human and a robot? Exactly. What does it mean for SEO? Come find out!

social media research event professionals
Traci Browne
Jan 13, 2016

We’ve come a long way since the early days of social media. Just how far have we come and what platforms should event organizers be focusing on today? A new Pew Research report has some interesting insights.

post-event marketing
Jan 07, 2016

It’s the number one mistake event organizers make: dropping the ball on marketing as soon as the lights go down. Check out these five post-event marketing tips to make sure you don't miss out on your best opportunity to capitalize on all the hard work you've done to built a community around your event.

event marketing resolutions
Traci Browne
Dec 31, 2015

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we vow, “out with the old, and in with the new.” Why not make a few New Year’s resolutions that will improve your event marketing by proving value to your attendees? Here are a few to get you started.

Event website optimization
Rebecca Rutherford
Dec 23, 2015

It's the perfect time of year for eggnog, caroling, roasting chestnuts, etc. That also means is the perfect time of year to take a good hard look at how your event website is performing and what you can do to make it better than ever in 2016!

Engaging Industry Champions
Traci Browne
Dec 09, 2015

Organizers who want to take things up a level in 2016 should think about building relationships with their biggest fans, aka: their champions.

holiday social media tips
Traci Browne
Nov 25, 2015

The holidays can be a tricky time for businesses on social media. Here's 4 tips to help organizers and associations manage the madness.

event marketing cheaters
Tyler Bishop
Nov 05, 2015

Your mom was right. Cheaters never win! If event marketers really want to get ahead in social media, event communities and organic search, they need to think about how to participate on the these platforms rather than how to game them.

blogger outreach for events
Traci Browne
Sep 30, 2015

When you’re looking to get media coverage for your show, who do you reach out to? I bet you have a list of journalists across a wide variety of publications that cover your industry. But what about bloggers?

Traci Browne
Jun 01, 2015

Social media contests are fun for those playing along and can expose your event to your attendees’ social network. Get a big enough number of attendees participating and you may just find your event hashtag trending on Twitter and Instagram! A trending event has the power to attract a very wide audience.

Jun 04, 2015

Here’s something cool about our digital services team: We’ve all got specific roles and specialties but not a single one of us is even close to being a one trick pony. Take me, for example; I’m a programmer. I am also super interested in social media marketing.

Traci Browne
Jun 10, 2015

These days, almost everyone has a list of favorite podcasts they listen to. Solopreneurs, big brands, and media companies are all jumping on the podcast production bandwagon. There is plenty written on the how-to’s of publishing a podcast and equipment you’ll need, but most of those articles are missing some key best practices for podcasting longevity.

Traci Browne
Jun 24, 2015

We’ve been told time and time again that people love to watch videos. Last month, Twitter released a report conducted by Research Now that sheds some insight into just where people are watching videos. According to the study, a lot of those videos are being consumed on a mobile device.

Traci Browne
Jul 08, 2015

What if your organization was the go-to source for video programming in your industry? Let’s say someone was looking for news or information on the latest industry advancements. Instead of Google, their first stop would be your channel to find the content they want.

Traci Browne
Sep 02, 2015

Recently, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, and a Tweet caught my eye. It caught my eye because it had an image attached to it. The image drew me in enough that I found myself clicking on the link to the content.

Traci Browne
Apr 14, 2015

Event organizers understand the power social media has when it comes to expanding their audience. They share information about their event on Twitter and Facebook and encourage attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers to do the same.

Traci Browne
Mar 30, 2015

Does your organization host a weekly Twitter Chat or Tweet Chat? It should. A Tweet Chat is a live Twitter event that is a moderated discussion around a pre-defined topic. By using a hashtag, the tweets can be filtered into a single conversation.

Michelle Bruno
Mar 23, 2015

The days of slapping up an event website and calling it good as long as the color scheme matches the brand guidelines and all of the who, what, when, where, and why information is in place are over. The technology is available and the potential is huge for converting the “floating brochure” of yesterday into a responsive, lead-generating, community-building conversion machine.

Rebecca Rutherford
Jan 06, 2014

There’s no doubt that in-person events marry up with social media quite well. Trade shows and exhibitions are meant to encourage new conversations and connections, and social media fosters connections in an environment where the conversation doesn’t quit.

Rebecca Rutherford
Nov 22, 2013

I spent some quality time participating in this week's Twitter #ExpoChat session centered around how show organizers and exhibitors define and measure success. The general sentiment was as expected: show organizers are looking at profitability, rebooking percentages, attendance volume, and attendee engagement.

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